What is Ayurveda?

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Ayurveda, often called the “Mother of all Medicine”, is the ancient, time-tested Indian art of physical, mental, and emotional healing. Literally translated as “the science of life”, Ayurveda uses the language of Nature to describe the intricacies of health and disease. 

Ayurveda emphasizes the indistinguishable connection between the body, mind and spirit.  It is both a preventative and curative approach to health. Treatments enhance health as well as heal illness. Many who come for Ayurvedic advice, find it an excellent complement to traditional Western medical treatment. Treatments, including herbs, foods, lifestyle changes, massage, yoga, and other natural processes, work to restore your body to its innate, healthy balance.

How can Ayurveda Help?

  • Discover the unique combination of elements that constitute your mind and body
  • Improve digestion and eliminate toxins
  • Increase your capacity for vital energy
  • Learn to harmonize with daily and seasonal cycles
  • Bring the mind, body and spirit into balance